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  1. ALD 2022
    Modified 3D-Printing Architectures; Effects of Infiltration by Alumina on ABS and PVA
    Varga, Atilla, and Barry, S.
    ALD 2022 (Internation Conference) Ghent, Belgium. Jun 2022
  2. JVSTA
    Modified 3D-printed architectures; Effects of coating by alumina on acrylonitrile butadiene styrene
    Varga, Atilla, and Barry, Seán
    Journal of Vacuume Science & Technology A, Feb 2022
  3. ChemRxiv
    Synthesis, Structure and Thermal Properties of Volatile Group 11 Triazenides as Potential Precursors for Vapor Deposition
    Samii, R., Fransson, A., Zanders, D.Varga, AtillaBarry, S., Ojamäe, L., Kessler, V., and O’Brien, N.
    ChemRxiv, Feb 2022


  1. ALD 2021
    Modified 3D-Printing Architectures; Effects of Coating and Infiltration by Alumina on ABS
    Varga, Atilla, Nwokolo, B., Gordon, P., and Barry, S.
    ALD 2021 (Internation Conference) Virtual Meeting, Jun 2021


  1. ALD 2020
    Applying a Figure of Merit to Known and Novel Copper Precursors
    Varga, AtillaGriffiths, Matthew, and Barry, Seán
    ALD 2020 (Internation Conference) Virtual Meeting, Jul 2020


  1. CCCE 2019
    Designing Thermal Atomic Layer Deposition Processes for Gold Metal Using New Organogold Precursors and Co-reagents
    CCCE 2019, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, Jun 2019